Week 9 & February Calendar Page

My Life Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
March BYOC products:
Me, My Selfie and I papers by Pink Reptile Design
Me, My Selfie and I elements by Pink Reptil Design
Serendipity Paper by Mommyish
Serendipity Elements by Mommyish
Tweet Patterns and Backgrounds by Allison Pennington
Tweet Elements by Allison Pennington
Cloud 9 Elements by Sabrina's Creations
Cloud 9 Pocket Cards by Sabrina's Creations
Cloud 9 Papers by Sabrina's Creations
Duly Noted Journal Cards by One Little Bird Designs
Duly Noted by One Little Bird Designs
It's a new month so I went a little crazy shopping the March BYOC at the Lilypad! I'm really loving picking and choosing what I want to from each designer and having it all go together so well. Plus it gives me a good stash for the entire month.

Anyway, a little more about Week 9 at my house. It was all the normal stuff...school, piano, co-op, church, etc... I highlighted some of my favorite moments.  The journaling is below.

Journaling Left Page:

   Matthew loves geography. He especially loves drawing flags! He was hard at work this week after I bought him a new flag book.
  On Saturday night we went to the Farmers to see all of their farm animals and new puppies. Kyla wanted to bring one home.
  On Sunday we went for a mini hike. 

   Abi loves to listen to be a part of school work. Here she is listening to Lydia read aloud to me.  I love that look on her face. Pure joy.
   On Friday night we went out for ice cream after watching Aunt Virginia do her CrossFit WOD competition. #irony  

  These two love each other. 

Journaling Right Page: I got a new book  called "Different is Awesome". It's about a boy with a missing limb. Abi loves it. She likes to match her nubby up with his.  Whenever Daddy sits on the floor they must pile on top of him! No rest for him. Grandpa is working on our land a little bit and Isaac got to go for a little ride.

I also made my 2018 February Calendar page. I'm sticking to lighter, brighter colors for my calendar this year. So far I'm lovin' it.
2018 February Calendar Templates by Scrapping with Liz
All Things Considered Papers by One Little Bird
All Things Considered Elements by One Little Bird
Puppy Love Papers by Pink Reptile Designs
Love is All Around Papers by Lynn Grieveson
Loves is All Around Elements by Lynn Grieveson

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