MBC April 2017!

Happy April!  According to my sister's calendar, April 4th is National Vitamin C Day.  When she told me I'm said, "Really??! How do I work that into my blog post?"  Then she said, "Name a food with more Vitamin C than oranges."  I said, "Um.....I dunno."  And so the idea was hatched!  A quick internet search and two verifications later viola!  I present you with 10 foods with more vitamin C than oranges.  Can you guess any?  All?  I'll give you a hint, none belong in the citrus family.

Here's your list:  chili peppers, strawberries, bell peppers, pineapple, kale, mango, broccoli, kiwi, papaya, and brussels sprouts!

Okay, enough.  Back to why you stopped by....

It may be National Vitamin C Day, but here at Scrapping with Liz, April 4th is also MBC day!  I love how we get one every single month!  This month's template was fun.  I love using patterned papers and this template let me do that to my heart's content.  Will you go with more patterns than solids or more solids than patterns?  Will you cluster it up with lots of embellishments or go a more minimal?  Show us what makes your heart content!


by Tracy
using: Ticket to Paradise by Meredith Cardall Designs

by Donna
using: Madras by Lynn Grieveson

by Kimberley
using: Stories to Tell by Amber LaBau & DJB Connor Happy (title font)

by Amanda
using:  First Light (kit) and Hester (extra papers) by Lynn Grieveson,
and Nuts About Fall (flowers, tape, & stitches)  by Pink Reptile Designs,

Want to know who won in March?!  drumroll please..............
Our winner for MBC March 2017 is Jennifer M.!!!  
(not the same Jennifer M. who won in December 2016, however)

Thanks to everyone who played; all of your pages were absolutely inspiring!  

Ready to play along? Here's how....
  • Download the template
  • Scrap it! Digi, hybrid, or paper - whatever works for you is great by us!  Feel free to modify the template; it needs to be recognizable to qualify
  • Upload your layout or an image of it to any image hosting site - again, you choose
  • Send a link of your image by April 30th to our blog challenge email:  ScrappingWithLizBlogChallenge@gmail.com
  • Include the challenge month of your submission on the subject line.  This month, we'll use "April '17 Challenge"
  • One layout is selected as the winner each month
  • Winning prize and participation prize coupons are sent via email in reply to the submitting email
  • Prizes expire within the month so please be sure to use them before the expiration date

Happy Scrapping!
Kimberley (greenmother)


cinderella said...

Thanks for the template!
I have a question: does it have to be a new LO for this challenge? Or can I sumbit a LO I made for another TLP challenge?

Vrielinkie said...

Awesome template, here's my finished LO (which I also emailed):

Kimberley said...

@cinderella - You can use a LO that you used for another TLP challenge. It just needs to be with the template provided.

Julie St. Cyr said...

I love this template and am going to use it again in the "right" orientation, but those paper strips just felt right for this panorama photo I took of the end of the snow. http://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/spring-is-just-around-the-corner.297970/full

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the fun template. I have emailed the link, but also providing it here.


Monica said...

Thanks for the great template! I had so much fun picking patterned papers to use :)

Berniek said...

I've also just uploaded and emailed my layout!
I had great fun with this template. Simple but very powerful! Thanks!!

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