Week 14: Symphony, Driver's Ed, Rockets....& some China pages

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This was a fun week. Some new adventures for our oldest, some firsts for our family and just plain ol' good times.  I had to adjust the template a little bit and add a lot of journaling over the photos...there was just too much to talk about this week!

Take a closer look below. I'll include the journaling below just in case you can't make it out on the pages.

Journaling Left Page (starting at top left and moving right around the page):

One day I heard a duet coming from the room. I peek in and I see Ashlyn & Matthew playing a
song together!

Protocol was this week (part of Ashlyn’s co-op).  A chaperoned event where the kids dress up, eat in
an upscale restaurant and attend a cultural event. We went to Chattanooga, ate at Alleia and then attended the Symphony. It was fun to sit back and watch her interact with all of her friends. We are blessed to be part of such a great group of kids and parents.

They chatted with the soprano singer afterwards.

This girl started driver’s ed this week. When she turned 14.5 she insisted I sign her up. It took me a few weeks to get her all signed up. As soon as she got the password to begin the on-line course she started! Exciting and scary times around here!

Journaling Right Page:

Friday night is movie night! These 3 little ones were excited.

Matthew received another birthday gift. He played with it all day.

Aunt V. had a rocket experiment for Isaac. It failed but they still had fun.

I scrapped a couple more China pages these last couple of weeks. It's slow going on these, but I will eventually get Abi and Isaac's album done.

This first one has pictures right outside our hotel room and room number along with a QR code of us playing outside our room. We spent a lot of time running the halls. What do you do with a new 2 and 3 year old inside a hotel room for a week?!?

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Jinan was beautiful. So many beautiful places to walk and see, and the people are the friendliest! Although the smog was so bad we didn't realized that it was surrounded by mountains until the day we left!
Artsy Journal Templates 15 by Scrapping with Liz
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