Week 22: Hiking, Water, Cheesecake and More!

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Today I'm going to just copy and paste the journaling from my pages because my brain is too scattered to write anything new. That's what 7 kids will do to you!

Journaling from the left page:

This week started with a hike on Whiteside Mountain. It was our first real hike with Abi and Isaac. We had a picnic and stopped for ice cream when we were done. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a little Memorial Day cook out. The kids had fun roasting marshmallows with Grandpa.

We watched a friend and fellow homeschooler participate in the National Spelling Bee!

Journaling from right page:

On Friday we went to the pool. It was Abi and Isaac's first time swimming. There was a little fiasco with some throw up and we had to sit out of the pool for an hour, but we managed and the kids had fun. On Saturday, after a bunch of yard work we went up to the creek and did a little tubing. The kids just love the water.

That's it for Week 22. It was a blast.


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