Week 25: Summertime!

My Life Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
Outdoor Elements by Lynne-Marie
Outdoor Papers by Lynne-Marie
Succulent Papers by Mommyish
Succulent Elements by Mommyish
Homebody by Pink Reptile Designs
Homebody Papers by Pink Reptile Designs
This was sort of a weird week. I was gone from the house with different kids for several days, some for doc appointments, some for homeschool and camp stuff. Then we had to celebrate a birthday a few days early since daddy was going to be gone for a week. We did manage to do a lot of bike riding, tea parties and game playing.

Lately I've had to really get these pages done quickly since I don't have a lot of extra time. These pages are a priority for me since they mean so much to my kids, that means I can't be picky. My kids don't care about shadowing, fancy photos or embellishments. They want to see pictures, videos and read the journaling I write. As much as I would love to make these showstopper pages it's all about getting them done for my kids. Keep that in mind when you are working on your weekly pages. Who and what are you doing it for? If it's for creativity, then by all means, take your time and enjoy the process. If it's for someone who really just wants to see the pictures and read the stories, keep it simple. Simple can be beautiful.

Now to hopping Week 26 is a little more low key...but it probably won't be since the hubby is gone for a week. Alone for 5 days with 7 kids. Eeek!


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