MIS Favorites & Instructions!

This past Saturday night Tracy hosted a MIS (Make it Snappy) in the TLP forum. I always have a lot of fun checking out all the pages when the challenge is over. I thought I would share a few of my favorites today. Click on the image to get full credits.  *I've also posted the challenge rules below in case any of you would like to try out the challenge just for fun.

This first page is from Judie. I love Judie's pages. She does a beautiful job with layers and elements and shadowing and she always seems to keep the focus on the photos even with everything else that is going on.

This next page is from Karen. I love how she stuck to black and white for most of her page. The pop of yellow from the scallop and elements is a lovely touch, just right with the pop of green from the photo.

Those gorgeous black and white photos with the beautiful neutral colors is stunning. Then when I saw that it was a letter she had written for her grandmothers funeral I realized how much more beautiful of a page this was.

And this is a fun and festive page by Jane. Those photos really make the page.

Here were Tracy's instructions for the MIS. Have a try if you need a little challenge.

Using the following five words, fill in the instructions below.

Words: Fastener(s), Photo(s), Flowers(s), Patterned Paper(s), Line(s) of Journaling


1. Have exactly one __________.
2. Have two or more __________.
3. Have exactly three __________.
4. Have four or more __________.
5. Have five or more __________.

Sample, In my sample I have:

1. Have exactly one flower.
2. Have two or more fasteners.
3. Have exactly three photos.
4. Have four or more patterned papers.
5. Have five or more lines of journaling.

P.S. If you do end up trying the challenge share a link to your page. I'd love to see it!

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