Quick Scrapping with Just Right Templates

This past weekend I had a little extra time to get some scrapping done...actually I just put aside some work time and spent it scrapping instead! I hope you guys don't mind. Sometimes you just have to take a break.

I'm really wanting to get Abi and Isaac's adoption album ready to print. I'm so close. I was in a get it done sort of mode this weekend. I thought I would share a few tips on how I finished four pages in less than an hour. 

1. Stick to one, uniform template set that is fairly simple and can fill a lot of photos. My Just Right Templates were....well, just right.

2. Stick to one scrapbooking kit. In this case Project Mouse: Animal Bundle by Sahlin Studio and Brittish Designs was perfect for my photos.

3. Open all four templates and place and edit all photos. *Remember to save with a different file name.

4. Place papers on first page and duplicate. To duplicate right-click on the layer in the layers palette and hit duplicate. It will ask you where you want to duplicate the layer, just duplicate them to the other pages. If you make sure you are clicked on the layer (on the other pages) you want the paper on it will automatically clip it for you. 

5. Add a few little elements and word bits (word bits are my favorite). You can even duplicate elements on the other pages if you want to. I duplicated my stitching and a few buttons.

6. Add pre-made titles. In this case I just used word art that was included in the kit.

7. Add some text if you want to tell more of the story.

And you are done! Four pages created just like that. I'm four pages closer to getting their album done. Take a closer look below.


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