Time For a 2017 Recap & Goal Setting for 2018

Info Templates by Scrapping with Liz
In Review Elements by One Little Bird
and Various Papers from The Lilypad
At the end of the year I like to reflect on the year. I look at my children and see how they've grown and changed. I think about some of our favorite memories. I don't usually scrapbook a recap page but this year I just felt like putting some of it down on a scrapbook page, and I'm sure glad I did. It turned into a fun page that I'm sure we'll all enjoy looking back on. In fact I know they'll like looking at it because several of my kids were reading over my shoulder as I was working on this page. They even wanted to pick their own paper for their "person". I plan on adding this to the end of my 2017 weekly album.

I used my Info Templates to get be started on the design. I had to duplicate and move some stuff around but it was nice having the template to get me started, and the In Review Elements from ONe Little Bird were perfect for some of my highlights and such.

For the last several years I've also done a little "Pages Scrapped" recap, and I thought I would continue that this year. I've completed our family album which consisted of a 2 page spread for each week plus a cover page. Then I finished a 2018 Calendar.  I've completed 26 pages for Abi and Isaac's Album. I'm so close to being done with theirs. Then I also made a December Album (Document Your December) which has a page for each day leading up to Christmas, Christmas Day and a cover page. There were also a few random pages I scrapped just for fun. That makes for a grand total of 173 pages. That's 20 more than last year! I think participating in the Month of Challenges at TLP and then completing the DYD album really pushed my scrapping along.

For the last 5 years that I've been keeping track of my scrapbooking I've reached a total of 836 pages scrapped. It looks like I'm staying pretty consistent over the years. 

I haven't nailed down all of my scrapbooking goals for 2018 but these two I know I want to accomplish:

1. Weekly Album: I've done a double page spread every week for the last 5 years and I plan on continuing that.
2. Abi and Isaac's Album: I'm so close to completing their album, and they deserve a printed album just like everyone else. This is #2 on my scrapbooking priority list.

These are on my if I have time list or feel inspired list:

1. House Album: I started scrapbooking about building our house but it fizzled out when we brought Abi and Isaac home. If I finish their album I think this will be next in line.
2. Document Your December: I seriously loved doing this challenge. If next December I feel inspired to do it again I will, but I don't like making a commitment that far off.
3. Month of Challenges: This starts tomorrow! Eeek! I had so much fun last year and it really pushed me to the max as far as creativity and learning new techniques go, but I sort of stressed out at the end. So I'm not sure that I'm going to commit to doing the whole thing, but I am going to try to do what I can.

If I could only give you one tip to get your scrapbooking goals accomplished this is what it would be:

Set aside the same time every week for scrapbooking!

This is what has helped me complete my goals each year. I haven't always completed everything I set out to complete, but I've always gotten those top priorities finished and that satisfies me.

What are your scrapbooking goals for this year and what can I do to help you accomplish them? Please comment with ideas. I would love to help.


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