It's GSO Time

Happy Thursday again everyone!  CTM Robin here to share with you some wonderful eye candy I found while looking through the gallery at The Lilypad.  Afterall, there is nothing more fun than perusing the galleries for some inspiration, right?! 

I first noticed this one by Dady.  Don’t you just love the perspective of her pictures and how she combined them with that amazing sketch?  I am jealous of her creative take on this page and desperately need to try this technique myself!

 I also found this cute layout by bonnenuit.  That border of 100’s is quite eye catching and it shows off the birthday girl beautifully.  Additionally the colors are just plain fun! Can you believe she is 100??  What a special birthday!!

 And speaking of birthdays, I wanted to show off this sweet page by pearkat.  One of the reasons we all pour our hearts and souls into scrapbooking is to preserve memories and pearkat has done this very thing quite spectacularly.  This beautiful page really captures the moment and freezes in time the birthday girl’s personality!

Well I hope your mojo got quite the boost today and that you enjoyed seeing these pages as much as I enjoyed showing them to you!  Have a great rest of September and I’ll see you in October 😊

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liveyourlovoutloud said...

Awesome! Pearkat is #precious!

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