It's GSO Time!

Happy New Year!!!  Can you believe it’s not only a new year, but also a new decade??!!  I swear I can’t get over how fast time is flying by.  Well the good news is that a new year means a new Month of Challenges at The Lilypad!!  Woo hoo!!!! There is just something so exciting about starting a new series of challenges.  Some will be easy for you, and some will cause you to grow!  But no matter what, even with the prompts themselves, sometimes we are going to need some INSPIRATION!  When I find my mojo lacking or my brain fried, I go to the gallery and see what other lovely creative people have done.  After browsing I find my mojo stands up and is quite thankful I took this time!  THIS is one of the reasons I so love writing Gallery Stand Out posts here on the blog.  Whether it’s during MOC or not, I just find showing off great pages helps everyone.  We the viewers get a jump start on our own creativity, and the original posters can see how their own layouts are inspiring others.  What a great outcome for both sides!

So, now that you know my WHY, let me show you the goodies this month!  First how about this layout by bonnenuit:

I love the series of photos and the way she offsets them in an alternating fashion.  Their horizontal layout causes the eye to flow across the page so easily and her placement of the number "66" really causes it to shine on this page!  Such a well developed layout!

Now how about this one by EllenT:

Look at that title work!!!  It's large, bold, and perfectly balanced with the flowers on the bottom of her page.  This layout is striking, don't you agree?

Next I'd like to show you this layout by fruitysuet:
She has another series of photos like bonnenuit's, but the effect is completely different on her page! The elements hanging off the edges really draw attention to the photo series and  I love, love, love her shadowing on her paper strips and chevrons too.

Finally, I couldn't resist this layout by Angela Toucan:
Her title work says it all!  You just can't help smiling when you see her page and the penguins on it! Her photo effects are gorgeous and the placement of the teal elements are perfectly placed on her layout.  This makes my heart happy :)

 Well I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at some fun layouts today.  May your January be full of good cheer, good health, good friends, and lots of inspiration!!

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Angela Toucan said...

thank you for featuring one of my pages.

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