It's GSO Time!

Happy February!!  Already one month down in the new decade and what a month it was!  I absolutely loved MOC. The gallery was just chocked full of goodness and I had so much fun perusing it.  You won’t believe the layouts I’ve seen this month, and I’m super excited to share a few of them with you right now.

First, let’s take a look at this one by Chippi

I’m a sucker for layouts with QR codes and even more so for layouts with journaling.  Chippi put both in one layout so obviously I’m drawn to it!  I think her story is hysterical.  Don’t kids ALWAYS go for the simple things (like boxes and in this case the hand sprayer) more than the actual present??  I love how she captured the moment of this special day.

Speaking of journaling, you have to read sberkan’s story on her page.

Haven’t we all been there with travel delays and airline troubles?  I love that she took the time to capture the story as well as the memory.  I’m also in awe of all the photos she put on her page and yet the page is super clean and eye catching!

I also wanted to show you this layout by klee70310.

I love the artsy feel of her page and the sepia treatment on her photo is just perfect!  I also am amazed at klee70310’s eye for detail when she split her stamp into two parts where it overlapped the paper matting.  By doing this, she gave her page a very realistic feel.  You’d never guess this was a digital page!

And look at this layout by momtojackia.

The way she blended her frames is simply remarkable!  Her title work is eye catching and her journaling is so heartwarming.  This is just a “feel good” page for me in so many ways!!

Lastly, I couldn’t help but show off this page by IntenseMagic.

I’m always so sad when women don’t take pictures of themselves because they never seem to like their own faces.  Because of that, I’m so happy that IntenseMagic participated in the selfie challenge during MOC and even better, scrapped it.  Her family will be so grateful for this preservation of HER.  I wish we would take as many pictures of US as we do our families, pets, vacations, etc.  Family and friends want to see us as much as we want to see them.  Thank you IntenseMagic for being such a great example, and I’m so glad you like this picture.  I love it!!

Well that’s it for this blog post.  I’ll be back in March with some more eye candy to share with y’all!

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