Having Fun with Photo Clusters

Hello again!  It’s me, CT Robin here to share with you some cool ways to use Liz’s various photo cluster templates.  During this crazy time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Sometimes those feelings can impede creativity and our mojo.  Since I know I’m feeling that way right now, I figured I’d share something I do to help me scrap a page when my focus is off.  

I love using Liz’s clusters as they help me jump start my page by getting my photos down first.  The great thing about these templates is that we can use them as is, or we can modify them to suit our needs.  Let me show you what I mean.

Here AmandaJ uses the Funky Photo Mats and then simply adds a gorgeous title and some fun elements.  Voila!  Her page is done!

But there are so many other things we can do too.  We can add or subtract a photo spot like Lor did here. She started with the Photo Clusters template set and simply subtracted one of the spots.  

But EllenT used the same template set and filled three of the spots with paper.

And AmandaJ went one step further.  She used Photo Mat templates and replaced ALL the photo spots with different papers!

Another nifty thing you could do is to use ONE photo in ALL the photo spots simultaneously.  Cfile did exactly that with Liz’s Cluster and Edge Freebie 2.

Speaking of Edge templates, you can take a cluster from one of Liz’s cluster packs and mix it with an Edge template. Here Lor used a cluster from Photo Cluster with one of the edges from Edge Templates 2 for the added visual interest.  Pretty fun!

And if we are mixing clusters and templates, we might as well mix a whole different template with these clusters like AmandaJ did here. She took the photo spots from Funky Photo Mats and added it to a template from the Big Photo Templates 5

All of these techniques are super-fast and easy, and help us make great pages, don’t you think?!
I don’t know what the coming days will bring for our world, but I do know it’s important to find some creative release so we can better take care of ourselves and our families.  I hope this blog post will help you realize that we can scrap a pretty page quickly when we need to!

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