September 10, 2020

It's GSO Time!

 Happy September!  CTM Robin here to bring you another GSO blog post where I hope you like all the gorgeous layouts as much as I do.  May this jump start your mojo if need be, or simply inspire you to create a fabulous page today!

Let’s get right to it.  First I have this fun layout by pearkat.

You can tell that she’s cramming as many fun things into her summer as possible.  As someone who lived in MI for 15 years, I love that I recognize the places she’s been and that she has so many photos on one page without overwhelming the viewer.  Her title work is as fun as her pictures too!

Now take a peek at this one by Joan K.

Isn’t this an AMAZING way to document a slice of her travel history to date?  How fun!  How cool is it that her journal strip have tone-on-tone rays that mimic the tone-on-tone stripes in her “Enjoy Travel” title as well as the chevrons in the arrows.  What an imaginative way to reinforce the geometric patterns!

This next layout is by Vrielinkie.

She did a great job of repeating circles to keep the eyes moving across the page and I love that she repeated the green color to form a triangle.  Both methods are quite visually appealing!

beatricemi also repeated the bright pink color throughout her page.

See how the papers, doodles, and even flowers and masks pick up the color theme in different parts of the page?  I love the effect.  And I couldn’t help but notice the shadowing on her center cluster.  It makes the elements look like they are laying right on the page!

Finally I wanted to show you this fun page by Mum23ms.

I love how she selected a bold pattern for her largest circles, and then used coordinating colors to fill the smaller ones.  And take a moment to look at the way she shadowed her title work too.  It has a very 3D effect too, wouldn’t you agree?

Well that’s it for me for this month.  I enjoyed showing these pages to you and I hope you feel inspired from this post!  See you next month 😊

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