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Happy October!  CTM Robin here with another quick tutorial.  This month I thought I would show you how to access those glorious glyphs that so many fonts come with these days.  I love how changing such a little thing can make a huge impact on a layout.  Let me show you what I mean!

First, add your text like you always do.  Here I’ve added my title “Polar Express” using the font Hammerete, which I know has glyphs. 

However, I want to change the look of the last “s” to add a “swish”.  With my text layer active, I highlighted the “s” and then accessed the Glyphs panel by selecting Type > Panels > Glyphs panel or Window > Glyphs.   Once you have opened your Glyphs panel, you’ll notice that you have a whole new world of characters to choose from (assuming the font you are using has included them).  

I of course searched until I found the letter “s” in the style that I wanted.  With my “s” highlighted, I double clicked on my selection and it switched.  This is what I ended up with:

As you can see though, the swish cuts through the person in my picture so I went back to my Glyphs panel and with my “s” selected again, chose another character.

My final page looks like this:

**Made with Traditions by Elif Sahin Designs

I used a template from Liz’s Funky Artsy Journal Templates which made my layout come together quickly.  All I did was change one thing (well and fixed my spelling error too hehe) and I believe it made a fun little difference in my page!

So now you try it too!  Remember that not every font will have glyphs available, some will have a TON of choices, and some will have just a few.  However, I think half the fun is learning what’s out there 😊 And if you ended up loving this as much as I do, you can dock the Glyphs panel to your desktop so it’s  easily accessible!

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you next month where I’ll show you how to create your own style presets to make that text pop on the page!


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