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In 2017 I made my first Document Your December Album and I loved it. I skipped 2018 and made another DYD Album in 2019. I searched for my finished album but I guess I never posted about it. I printed a 10x10 album from Shutterfly and it was a big hit with my kids. It was a little overwhelming for me to scrap photos and memories from every day in December, but since I love scrapping Christmas pages and my kids especially love these albums I wanted to do something this year. I've decided to make a 12 Memories of Christmas Album. I'm going to scrap 12 Memories from Christmas using my 12 Days of Christmas Templates. Since I have a lot of space in my 6x8 album from my first DYD Album I'm going to convert my templates to 6x8 (example below), print them and then slide them in that album.

I've put together a list of memories I'm thinking I'm going to scrap. This list might change depending on what goes on around here, but these are usually my favorites from Christmas time. No particular order.

1. Tree
2. Cookies at Grandma's House
3. Books/Read Alouds
4. Movies
5. Lights
6. Gingerbread Houses
7. Hot Chocolate
8. Music/Recital
9. Christmas Play
10. Parties
11. Christmas Eve
12. Christmas Day

I'm going to be using different kits from the Oh What Fun - Document Your December Category at The Lilypad.

I'm relieved and excited to be scrapping something smaller but still documenting all of these special Christmas memories for my kids.

I'll be sharing the pages here as well as on my instagram account.

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