It's GSO Time!

 Happy New Years Eve!!!  Can you believe that 2020 is FINALLY over??  Ohh I am so hoping and praying that 2021 is a MUCH better year for us all!  On the last day of the year, I like to look back and reflect about what life has been like for our family.  In fact, I usually write a letter to myself to serve as a reminder.  I also go back through my layouts for the year to see what I was able to scrap and make note of that as well.  Today I had the pleasure of not only going through my gallery, but I decided to make note of some other layouts too.  I marked several of them as favorites to be scraplifted in the new year.  It’s my way of organizing my thoughts and pages to make MOC more doable!  As you can imagine, I found so many delightful layouts, and I thought I’d show off a few right now.

First, take a peek at this one by sylvia.  I absolutely adore the way she split the photo into two different frames and how she used her brushes and paints to form a backdrop for this photo.  Her pops of color really make a statement too, as well as those cute birds!  Simply lovely.

Next I’ll show you this one by IntenseMagic.  Rather than the artsy look like sylvia’a, IntenseMagic made a very striking layout using a newspaper type approach.  I love the split text columns and the way she detailed the week in such a relatable, casual tone.  She managed to capture four different photos and turn them into one cohesive page.  I’m crazy jealous of her talent!

Okay, talk about taking different things and mashing them together, jesskab does just this but with paper patterns rather than photos.  Look at these strips!  I love that she uses the bold paper throughout the layout, but yet adds the coordinating neutrals to balance everything out.  She also repeats the colors in her title work and elements.  This is such an eye pleasing page!

Now Dalis made a super fun layout without any photos at all.  She lists the top ten reasons to stay healthy with fabulous paper strips and paper choices for the numbers.  What I’m most amazed at though is her shadowing!  I truly feel like those numbers are curling up off the page and her torn edge is almost 3D like.  Wow.  This is to die for!

Last, but not least, is this layout by Claire Grantham.  This large photo is truly eye catching – especially since her gorgeous eyes are framed so well with her hat and mask.  She makes wearing a mask look like a fashion accessory!  I love the sparkle in her elements and the whimsical title work as well.  Truly well done if you ask me!

I found many, many more layouts in the galleries to add to my favorites folder, but I figured you didn’t want to be here all day reading this post 😊  I hope you enjoy looking at these layouts as much as I do, and that you take the time to organize your own ideas for MOC.  Have a great final day of this year and bring on 2021!

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