It's GSO Time!

Happy July y’all!  With more than half the month over (and half the year over too), I’m trying to hold onto every moment I can before school starts back, and life gets crazy again!  I decided to take a break for a bit and check out the gallery at The Lilypad so I could mark a few favorites.  I try to do this weekly as I never know when I’ll need some inspiration 😊  Today I’ll show you what I found for this month’s GSO post!

First, check out this page by mywisecrafts:

Oh my.  Her shadowing is superb and I love the layered feel of this layout. I can’t get over the photo treatments as well.  Just an amazing page!

Next is one by Cristina:

She picked such fun papers and I love the way the angles really draw your eyes across the entire page.

Here is Ferdy’s take on a layered layout:

Her title work is super cute and I have to admit I love the way she uses the tags.

Here’s a cool page by Angela Toucan:

Don’t you just adore how she mixed all types of shapes into one cohesive layout?  I love the repeated circles and vibrant colors on this page!

Last, but not least, is a page by HaveaDrPepper (great username by the way!):

Her niece is gorgeous and though I wish she didn’t have autoimmune diseases, I think HaveaDrPepper did a great job of showing off the before and after pictures.  Clearly her niece has a great sense of humor!

Well that's it for me this month.  Enjoy the rest of July and I'll see you in August!


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