It's GSO Time!

Happy 2022!  Can you believe the new year as started already?  Well after an absence due to family matters I’m back with a GSO post.  As you know, it’s MOC time at The Lilypad and that means tons of goodies in Liz’s gallery.  I found some inspiration to jumpstart my mojo and can’t wait to share these lovely layouts with you!

Here’s one by jam-on-toast:

I love the way she offset her paper from the countries’ outlines.  It’s such a cool impact don’t you think?

Next check this one out by EllenT:

Don’t you love the triangles and how she added her own unique shadowing?  It really makes a 3D effect!

I found this one by mnjenlittle:

This truly looks like she left her journal open for us to take a peek.  And that photo tucked into the scallop is super realistic too!

Here is a fun one by marijke:

I love the way the photos are scattered amongst the paper pieces and that arrow picks up on the yellow in the photos as well.

Finally, I wanted to show you this page by EHStudios:

I cannot tell you how much I love the circles and how they draw your eyes around the entire page.  The pink scribbles really make it a cohesive page as well and we know that’s hard to do with so many different themed photos.  Perfect!

Well, that’s it for me this month.  I hope you enjoyed viewing the eye candy. Be sure to click on the names so you can leave some much-deserved love in the gallery.  Thanks for looking at this month’s GSO layouts!

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