Hello all, CTM Robin here with another step-by-step blog post to show you how I did something a bit different with one of the templates in Liz’s Recyclables 76.  I hope you enjoy seeing my thought process while doing so.

First, I chose this template:

I wanted to clip the same photo to all three photo spots.  Normally, I can create a group and then clip the photo to the group, but since the three photos weren’t layered sequentially, I clipped the photo to the first spot, sized it, and then used CTRL J to copy it and then CTRL V to paste it twice.  Now here is the important part, I clipped the two copies into the remaining spots without changing anything about the photo.  For instance, I didn’t move it or resize it.  This is what it looked like:

After completing this step, I then added all my papers to get a good sense of the color scheme.  I used Storyteller 2021 March by Just Jaimee for my page:

Next, I added the elements:

And finally, I added the text to tell the story of my son’s find:

Some people believe they can’t use a template unless they have enough photos for the photo spots.  But do you see how easy it is to take one photo and let it fill multiple spots?  Don’t be afraid to try something a bit outside the box.  You’ll have fun doing it! 

Thanks for looking at my layout, and I’ll see you next month with another step-by-step page.

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