2022 Reflections and 2023 Goals!

It's time for my annual reflection post. When I first sat down to add up my pages from 2022 I thought it would be one of my lowest scrapped years. I knew I had finished my biggest goal of scrapping my 2022 family album (yay!), but I couldn't really remember what else I had accomplished this year. I forgot that I had almost completed Month of Challenges at the Lilypad (it's starting again, you should join in!)! I'm slightly disappointed in myself for coming soooo close, but also pretty happy with myself that I was able to scrap 26 challenges at the beginning of the year. Can I be disappointed and satisfied with myself at the same time?

When I took a look at my past years, I saw that I really didn't scrapbook a whole lot less than some of the other years. I actually scrapped more than last year. 

And 10 years of scrapbooking with 1,528 pages. Wow! I can tell you that those 1,528 pages get looked at frequently and have lots of memories documented in them. In fact, my kids are already asking me when we are going to get our 2022 album so they can look at it.

Looking back at my 2022 goals it looks like I accomplished two out of three album goals. I completed my 2022 family album, and I completed as many MOC pages as I could. Sadly, I did not work on a 2021 DYD album. That's okay, I can always go back and work on that. My kids can look at the Christmas pics in our family album.

Here are my 2023 goals:
  • Complete a weekly double-page family album using my new Simple Life Templates. (you should join me!)
  • Finish Emmie's graduation album. She graduates from High School this year. I've already started on it with 2 pages finished.
  • Instead of trying a DYD album, I'm going to try and make a 30 Days of Gratitude Album. I was inspired by some albums during November. I want to make a page with something I'm thankful for on each page. I think I'm going to use my Unwrap the magic Templates for these. 
Do you feel good about your 2022 scrapbooking? Have you set any goals for 2023?

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