Week 35: License, Game Night, CIs, and More!

Week 35 included our next child getting her Driver's License! She's ready to drive and I'm ready for a little more freedom from driving her to all of her activities. Although seeing her drive down the road for the first time by herself was nerve-wracking.

You'll also never know when we'll have a living room full of teenagers for a game night.

Our two boys had their annual appointment at the Cochlear Implant Center. They are doing great with them, but the long drive there and back is not fun!

We are still working on painting the house. We are almost done.

School is in full force. Lots of projects. Our homeschool group day is their favorite day of the week. This week I snapped a photo with one of our classes that by chance were all wearing green.

Digital Scrapbook Page: Week 35 {left}

Simple Life Templates 8 by Scrapping with Liz

Digital Scrapbook Page by Liz Week 35 {right}

Simple Life Templates 8 by Scrapping with Liz
Endless Summer Papers by Lynn Marie


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