2 NEW Video Template Tutorials

I scrapped this page last week with my new Play a Game Templates.
Click on the image for full credits.

Here is what this template looked like before I started. Quite a bit different.

So I thought I would show you how I changed it up.
Here ya go! I'm using Photoshop CS3.

That's not it. I also made my Christmas Card. I showed you last week. With my new Christmas Card Templates. Here it is in case you missed it.

And here's the template before I started. As you can see I changed the photo spots a bit.
So here's another little video tutorial showing you how to do that. Plus I threw in a little tutorial showing you how I copy my layer styles.


Hope this helps you a little!


JudithK said...

Can't find the videos... should they be available directly from the post?
Would love to see them as I bought those very templates this past weekend.

Liz said...

Hmmm. You should just be able to click play on the video right here on my blog. What browser are you using?

JudithK said...

Thanks for the hint...I use Firefox normally but just tried this with Safari and got the videos! I had no idea that might make a difference. And the video is just fine, thanks...

Unknown said...
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