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Well, I've stuck with it for another week, and I'm still loving it! My photos are organized for the week. I have 4 pages scrapped for 2014. I was able to practice with my DSLR. This page went much faster than last we.....I think once I get into a groove I'll be able to scrap these fairly quickly.

Left Page
 Here's the journaling from the right side of the page:
This week was pretty normal. We got back into our routine of school. We frequently have a pink haired pony join us for school, and Kyla likes to read in all sorts of weird ways.  On Thursday night Daddy was gone and the girls put on a “Show and Tell Show” for me, complete with a pretty impressive falling dominoes trick. On Saturday night the girls all watched a movie on Daddy’s kindle while snuggling in bed together.  It’s the little things (literally) that excite them! 

We had so many leftovers in our fridge that we had leftover buffet night. It happens quite often in our house. While some of the foods most definitely don’t go together, the girls love it because there is so much too choose from.....and I love it because 1. I don’t have to cook and 2. We don’t waste any food! The pic of the 3 girls on the bench is at Wal-mart. I was checking out and looked over and that’s what I saw. I snapped that one with my phone.

Under the pic of Ashlyn:
Ashlyn helping me cut out bears for my co-op class. She really is a great helper!

Right Page

If you are doing this challenge with me remember to keep it simple, journal (even just a little bit) about your photos (it can tell more of the story), and don't stress! Also, change up the template if you need to...add a photo spot, add a journaling spot, move things around. As you can see I added two journaling spots to the right side of the page. One spot just didn't cut it for all of my chatting!

Here's this week's Daily Life Journal Card. 

Download Expired.

I've also listed some more tips on last week's post...in case you missed it.

Happy Friday!


Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU ;~} bunches....

Chippi -Christie- said...

Such great pages and thanks for the freebie! I love the one with the four girls, that is gorgeous!!

Pam K said...

Thank you so, so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Journal card template freebies are my very favorite kind of freebie, and doubly so if it's one made by you! Thank you!

PS I'm now on round 3 of trying to get the Captcha to work. Is it necessary to have this step turned on for commenting? I know your blog probably gets a lot of spam, but it's a big barrier to leaving a comment!

Liz said...

I'm sorry you are having troubles. I think if you are logged into your blogger account you don't have to do the captcha.

Tammy said...

I somehow missed this & am picking it up late. Thank you so much, Liz!

Marie H. said...

Thank you for the great template. I enjoyed reading week 2 installment. Of the photos this week my favorite is the Wal-Mart one. -Marie

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