Week 6: Practice Makes Perfect

Daily Life Templates 2 by Scrapping with Liz
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Maybe not perfect, but a little bit easier every time. This is my sixth Daily Life page, and it's definitely getting easier. I can see a pattern forming in how I create my pages. It made week six a breeze to scrap.

1. I look at the template. Check out the photo spots, and then pick pictures accordingly. Trying to focus on the shots that will tell the whole story.
2. I edit my photos. Recently I've been taking them all in RAW mode. I tend to go through moods with just taking JPEG or RAW...or both. Since I'm taking a photo class right now I've been taking them in RAW just to be able to edit my pictures a bit better.  I edit them in Adobe Camera Raw (still wanting to learn Lightroom).
3. I open my template and place all my pics on the template.
4. I pick out my kit, one that I think will go well with the pictures.
5. I place my papers on my page.
6. I pick out just a couple elements. I've noticed that I usually choose a couple of buttons, a flower, 1 ribbon or bow and then maybe a word art strip. Now that I've realized what I really like to use on these pages I know exactly what to look for in the kit when I open it up. I grab those items and drag them into Photoshop.
7. I move them around until they are just right and then add some shadowing. I've been tweaking only the shadows on my flowers and ribbons.
8. Add journaling, check journaling multiple times only to find that once I post it here on my blog I still have typos. Ugh. Go back, fix my page and re-post. This happens almost every week.
9. Save and done!

This whole process, from choosing and editing my photos to finishing my page usually takes about one hour. Going through a week's worth of photos and narrowing it down to just a few, scrapping a double page, and adding a decent amount of journaling (this always takes me a long time for some reason), I think that's not too bad. Knowing that I'm currently caught up with my 2014 album really makes it worth it!

Journaling Left Page:
This week all the girls (except for Momma) got hair cuts. Emmie opted for the short bob. Lydia, Ashlyn, and Kyla just got a trim because they’ve been trying to grow their hair out. While they were getting their haircuts I was able to practice taking photos with my camera. I’ve been taking an online photo class, and I rarely have time to really practice the new techniques I’m learning. This was the perfect opportunity. The girls were occupied, the lighting was good, and I could take my time changing the settings on my camera. I still have a lot to learn.

Journaling Right Page:
The top left photo is Lydia dressed up as a “priest” in our co-op class. We were re-enacting a medieval wedding. I don’t think she knew what to do! The picture to the right is of the girls after they had gathered eggs from our neighbor’s chicken coop. They let us come and gather eggs while they were away from the week. What an experience that was! We enjoyed a “warmer” day and went for a bike ride. And the bottom right is a picture of Kyla with the mixing bowl. We were mixing up some brownies for our afternoon snack.

And here's your Daily Life Journal Card for the week. It's perfect for today, right?

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Happy Valentine's Day!


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Thanks so much, Happy Valentines Day!

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much for the journal card! I hope your Valentine's Day was filled with love :)

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Thank you for the journal card :)

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Thanks for the cute card!

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What a fun journal card. Thank you.

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Lovely layout and great journaling. Thank your for sharing it with us and the template. -Marie

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