Week 35: Volleyball, Marshmallows, Running and More!

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Everyday Life August by Juno Designs 
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Week 35 is finished. Can you believe it's almost September? We have about 17-18 weeks left of 2014. As I was scrapping I was thinking about how much I can't wait to print this album. I'm going to love that at the end of 2014 I'll already have a book finished for 2014. Only 18 weeks (plus a couple for printing) before I have this Daily Life Album in my hands.

You can read the journaling from this week below and make sure you grab the free journal card template. Don't mind the grammar on the page....it's sort of haphazard. 

Journaling: In no particular order....Fabulous Lydia in the new fairy wings she got for her Birthday from Miss Kira. Ashlyn’s first volleyball game and her cheering section. She did great! Roasting marshmallows on Saturday night.

Journaling: Macon GEMS went to Care Net and donated the money that we earned earlier in the year. There’s a picture of Ashlyn and Lydia snuggling while watching a movie on Friday night. There’s my running crew. The older 3 girls are training for a 5k. Lydia and Matthew tag along and ride bikes. Perler beads, I have a love-hate relationship with them. They are a great activity for the kids....practicing following patterns, fine motor skills, etc... BUT those little pesky beads get everywhere. Matthew is a master at these things!

And here's your card for this week....kind of an artsy journal type card. Hope you like it. Just click the image to download.



Somertime said...

nice variation on the template
thanks for the treat

sidbear said...

Very cool :) Thank you, Liz :)

Tammy said...

Thank you for another awesome card, Liz!

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