Daily Life Week 47: Almost No Photos!

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I almost forgot to take pictures last week. It was just one of those crazy weeks where I just didn't pick up my camera or even really use my phone a whole lot. I think I just had too much on my mind! We were getting ready for a big trip, lots of doc appointments and I was trying to finish up school with the kids so we could take a week off. I did manage to put together enough for a page. I did replace one of the spots with a QR code.

This week, though, we are visiting family in Florida (by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!) and I've already taken enough pictures to fill a whole album. It's going to be tough figuring out what to put on my weekly page.

Anyway, I'll let you read about last week below. Make sure you grab the free journal card template.

Journaling: This week was kind of normal with some special stuff thrown in. Here’s a photo at the grocery store as we were checking out (pretty normal). I have a lot of little helpers. I took a photo of me scrapping (it’s sort of what I do for fun!) I’m trying hard to work on Matthew’s album. It’s what I do if the work is done and the kids are in bed. Ashlyn and Emmie babysat a couple of kids this week. I just love this pic I snapped of Emmie looking over the baby. She was definitely in her element.

Journaling: Lydia almost always grabs a book and ‘reads’ first thing in the morning. I love it.
We had an early Thanksgiving meal at Grandma’s house which also included taking family photos. Here’s a sneak peek at all the cousins and an accidental picture of Shawn and Matthew that I happen to love. We also attended a Borrower’s b-day party. The girls had so much fun making their own little Borrower’s homes out of shoe boxes and misc. household items. They came home and decorated it even more.

Here's your free journal card templates. 

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Jennifer Moore said...

Thanks for the journal card. I love the idea of borrower's party. I think I might be hitting up the sale.

sidbear said...

Thank you for the journal card, Liz :)

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