My 2015 Scrapping Project & Goals

You all know how much I loved my Daily Life Project, right?  I've been thinking about what I'm going to do in 2015 for the last month or so. Since I loved scrapping the double pages each week I'm going to keep up with that goal but in different sort of style. There were a few things I sort of wish I would have included on my Daily Life Templates: spots for little bits of journaling (instead of one big chunk), spots for all those pretty journal cards you see out there, more variety in photo size, and fuller filled pages. I think I've come up with the perfect style of templates for this project. They are easy to use, hold variety of sizes for photos and journaling cards, and have little bits of journaling spots around the template. The first set will be releasing tomorrow. 

How am I going to print this year, you ask?

While I love photo albums, and that's what I plan to do with my Daily Life 2014 Album, this year I'm planning on trying something else out. Since my kids look at my albums a lot and it's been so hard waiting to order pages for a whole year, I've decided to go back to a more traditional approach.

I purchased this Classic Leather Ring 12x12 Ring Album at Michaels. It's the We R Memory Keepers version, and I plan on printing my individual pages from Persnickety Prints and sliding them in the 12x12 page protectors.
I think it will hold up to the wear and tear of kids. Plus I can order my pages throughout the year. The only downside to this is that it will take up a lot of space on my shelf, but I'll make room.

I'm excited about this project because it's doable. I was able to keep up with my 2014 album, and I know I can keep up with this. Plus I'm excited that the style is going to be just a little different than last year.

That's not all I have planned. Want to hear about my two other goals? Well, I'm going to tell you even if you don't want to....because I need someone to be accountable to.

I'm planning on scrapping a calendar page each month so that at the end of the year I have a calendar all ready to order! I also have some special templates planned for this. Plus, I believe there's going to be a special Scrap Orchard challenge going on for this. This calendar thing wasn't my idea, but I loved it so I'm participating. (I'll keep you posted on the challenge)

Then my final goal is to finish Matthew's Album. My goal is to scrap 2 pages a week until his album is done. This is the one that might be challenging....but I'm going to try. He needs an album on the shelf.

Let's recap.


1. Scrap a double page each week of 2015.

2. Scrap a calendar page each month.

3. Finish Matthew's Album.


1. Set aside a specific time to scrap every week. Probably Saturday night. I think I can accomplish 4-5 pages during that time.

2. Have my kit and templates ready ahead of time.

3. Turn of the internet.


1. It keeps my sane. Scrapping is my down time.

2. My kids need the albums.

3. Do I need any other reasons?

Let's do this thing. Who's with me?

P.S. I'll be sharing my pages each week with you again.


April said...

I think I've asked you this before but I never got an answer. Are your kits and templates compatible with Photoshop elements. I like the templates that are already layered and just one big file. Is that how your's are?

Настасья said...

The thought of children gives impetus to do project 365! Will try)

Jenny said...

April, I'm not Liz :), but I've used her templates, and yes, they work in Photoshop Elements. They come as PSD files (and maybe other options too... I can't remember because I only need the PSD versions). They are single files with layers. Hope that helps! :)

Liz said...

What Jenny said! If you try my freebies you'll see how my templates work.

RVGal said...

I'm with you and funny thing is, I just decided to go with the same albums. I was trying to upload and figure out how to do printed books. I found it very frustrating and like you said, I would have to wait. Now that I have made a decision, I have done several pages for my DGS who is 21 months. I plan to mix my pages; do some 8x8’s and mount them on 12x12 card stock and add elements. It will be mostly 12x12 digital LO's printed at Persnickety with a little hybrid thrown in. Also, this way, if my DD has a picture that she wants included after the fact, I can add it in. I am finally excited to be working on this album instead of just thinking about it!

Vonne said...
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Unknown said...

Welcome to the dark side of non book scrapping! I love getting pages from Persnickety throughout the year and I hope you love it too!!

April, yes, Liz's templates are a layered file. They come in a few formats. I delete the ones I don't need.

Vonne, I love photos too! Have you seen Liz's Remember That templates? They have room for lots of photos and a little journalling.

Liz said...

RVGal - That's a GREAT idea!

Vonna - I have several sets in my store with multi-photo spots. Are you looking more for my Daily Life style templates with more photo spots? About how many photo spots do you need?

And what Courtney said! Thanks for helping.

Vonne said...
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Berniek said...

You always seem to inspire me! I will try to do a p52 kind of thing this year. I bought your monthly templates so I will be able to scrap my life even when I didn't take photos or I'm a bit out of scrapping. I plan to finish a road trip album (I'm 5 years late already) this year too. And maybe finish and print a 2014 album? Sigh. Keeping up with 2015 is my most important goal though. :)

Liz said...

Vonne - I'll keep that in mind when creating up coming template sets.

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