Don' Forget These 3 Things {FREEBIE to Help YOU!}

I'm no expert, but these are three things you probably will regret not including on your digital scrapbook page: date, people, and place. And obviously pictures. Unless, of course, you're going for a photo-less page, and then that's just a whole new ball game. But we aren't talking about a ball game here, so let's get back to this list.

Always stick the date on there. Just type it up in the corner, doodle it around a picture, add it in with the journaling. Just somewhere. If you don't you'll be guessing what month or year that piano recital was. Believe me, I know!

Don't forget the names of people (I'm bad about this one).  You might know the person's name, but maybe your kids will want to know who it is, and you might not be around to tell them. Maybe you are scrapping their childhood friends or teachers, and you want them to remember those names through the years.

You probably also want to include the place. Where were you? Was it a special place, a favorite park, a friend's house? You'll especially want to include the specific place if you are on a road trip or vacation. It's amazing how many names of people and places you can forget over the years...or is that just me?

Here are a few freebies to help you make sure you can easily add the date, people, and place to your page. Download and enjoy!



Crystalnva said...

These are always needed I am now going back (while I can still remember) on old photos and some older scrapbook pages dating back to 1980 and doing info cards . Looking back at all these things with my children was a lesson learned to always no matter what write down all information right then & there I have now taught my children on the importance of this info..THANK YOU :) for these great simple VERY IMPORTANT labels.

lebjs said...

THANK YOU!!!! This is such an important part of scrapping and I really appreciate this freebie to add to my layouts :)

Julia said...


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