July 31, 2015

2015 Week 29: Just a Normal Week

My Life Templates 8 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Week 29, let's see. What did we do? It was a pretty normal week of school work, house work and play time. Hmm, I see a pattern here. My hubby and I did celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary by going out on a quick date. I get a little crazy when I don't have my kids with me...or it's just more like I don't know what to do with myself. I've gotten better at adding photos of myself to these pages even though I'm not that photogenic, and I'm not much for selfies, but I know my kids will enjoy these photos when they get older...and I might too. Now I need to get Daddy in the photos more often.

Take a closer look, if you please.
My Life Templates 8 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 8 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs

July 29, 2015

Single To Double Scrapping

Hello to all the scrappers out there! This is Jenn, jk703, here to share an idea for scrapping albums. I'm going to show you how I create a layout (and what thoughts I have during this process) but then change it up to create a double layout.

We all know Liz makes oodles of wonderful albums for our scrapping needs. Just check out the Snappy Album, the Wedding Guest BookSimple and Sweet Album 4, and one of my favorites of all time, the original Simple and Sweet Album! For me, Liz's albums allow me to scrap with out the stress about layout design. Often Liz's templates inspire me to switch and move things around to make them my own, or to combine them in different ways!

I recently started a layout, and then realized that I didn't have enough of the pictures that I liked from the day but I still had 4 really good photos. So... I re-started the layout, and chose a template from the Snappy Album to begin. I was planning to create a double layout from the single layout. You can easily enlarge and change the size of the shapes on a layout. You don't have to worry about the quality of the colors of the shapes because they are used as masks.

I work with a 12 x 24 blank layout that has my guides set up already. I opened the single template, and then duplicated all the layers into my double layout. Here is what it looks like when the template is brought in directly. The 4 picture spots will work perfectly for my pictures. I just want it to cover a 24 inch width rather than the 12 inch.

Next, I duplicated the white background layer, and then slid it over to the right side of my layout. 

After my background was ready, I now wanted to enlarge the photo spots and element place marks. My original thought was to just enlarge it to cover the whole 24 inches. This is what I had: 

A bit too big for what I was thinking. Hmm. I stared at my screen for some time, wondering if I should just try tilting it on an angle or maybe just crop off a little from the top and bottom. I decided to just shrink the photos and elements to about 80%. Once I did this, it was an instant "yep, that works" feeling. I decided to scoot all of the photos and elements to the left, and add a spot for journaling. Here is what my layout looked at this point. 

I noticed I needed to lengthen the paper strip on the bottom after I added my journaling box. Once, I added photos, I think it really worked out well! 

I kept going and this is what my final layout looked like. I used some goodies from Forever Joy's Love You More kit.  While I scrapped, I added one more paper layer to the background. 

You can still totally see the original single template that the double template was inspired from! 

Some things to remember when making a single template into a double layout spread: 
  • Make all changes to the shapes and placeholders in the beginning of your scrapping.
  • Look at the photos spots - enough for your pictures? The horizontal or vertical spots work with your photos?
  • Follow the element place markers - only when starting. Then add as you go. Layer it up if you like! 
  • Create something that pleases you and you want to see in one of your albums! 
  • Have fun - you're stretching your stash! 

There you go... my ideas and thoughts about single to double scrapping! I've done this many times before, and my pages always seem to be favorites. 

Have fun and thanks for visiting! 
Jenn (jk703)

July 25, 2015

A Variety of Pages

Typically I scrap my weekly double pages on the weekend, and if I have extra scrapping time I will work on Matthew's adoption album. This weekend I made two pages for Matthew's album, the July page for a 2016 Calendar I'm working on, and an extra (just for fun page) for a challenge over at Scrap Orchard. If you include my weekly double pager, I scrapped a total of 6 pages this past weekend. I'd say that's pretty good.

2016 Calendar Template 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life August by Juno Designs
Everyday Life July by Juno Designs
Above is the July page for the 2016 Calendar. I'm loving Juno Design's Everyday Life kits for these calendars. And I just can't wait to print this calendar for my mom....I might even get one for myself.

Clean and Simple Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Best Place to Be by Juno Designs
To get these pages done for Matthew's Album I kept them nice and simple...which I always end up loving anyway. Plus, with these photos, especially the ones in the page at the top, I really wanted the focus to be on the photos themselves.

Clean and Simple Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Best Place to Be by Juno Designs
And this page was created for a fun challenge over at Scrap Orchard. We were supposed to scrap the top 5 of 2015 (so far). I thought it might be difficult at first, so many great memories this year, but once I started going through my pictures I new instantly what I was going to choose.

Daily Life List Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Star Quality by Down this Road Designs
It was a great scrapping weekend. I sort of fit it in between all the normal weekend activities, but I mostly scrapped at night. I'm hoping this weekend will produce as many pages!

So, I'm curious. When do you mostly do your scrapping? Weekends, nights, mornings, in-between?
For me it's almost always fitting it in around weekend activities. I just can't seem to squeeze it in during the week.


July 24, 2015

2015 Week 28: Work, Play, Repeat

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life August Bonus Alpha by Juno Designs
Week 28, and I just realized that 2015 is half way over! The time does fly. This week was filled with lots of work (school and new house) as well as a lot of play time. We met friends at the park, went to the pool (no pics of that - I was too focused on keeping track of my kids) and an afternoon at the lake. Oh, and we took a day trip to Chapel Hill for an audiologist appointment. Matthew's CI is working great. He went from being able to hear at 90 dB (profound loss - pretty much not hearing anything) to hearing between 35-40 dB with his CI ear. Our goal is for him to get to 20dB. Hopefully we'll get there by our appointment next month. Not sure if you wanted an update, but there it is.

Okay, enough of that. Here's a closer view of my layout for week 28.

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life August Bonus Alpha by Juno Designs
Look at how long Lydia's hair is? I love it. And yes, that' why I included that picture in this week's page.

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life August Bonus Alpha by Juno Designs
Until next week....

July 17, 2015

Week 27: 3 Pictures of Me?

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life December Bonus Alpha by Juno Designs
I don't know what happened this week, but I didn't take a single picture with my camera, and I only took a couple with my phone (this could be because my phone is very moody lately and sometimes it doesn't want to work). Thankfully my hubby snapped a lot of photos and my SIL even snapped a photo for me this week. The result is that this week's page has 3 photos of me. I'm not too thrilled with that, but I know my kids might enjoy it when they grow up. Look, there's our crazy mom running one of her races! My kids do a good job of cheering me on though, and I love to see their smiling faces at the end.

Beside the race we worked on our house a little more, did school work, worked a lot, or maybe it just seemed like a lot since last week we were on vacation. Either way it's always a fun week when I get to do it with my family.

Hope you all had a fun week even if it was filled with lots of work!

July 13, 2015

A Yearly Summary Page

A guest post from my Creative Team Member, Tiff:

I like to print yearly scrapbook albums. While I enjoy the feeling of having a book finished, I have to admit that sometimes it takes a while before that milestone is accomplished. More than half way through 2015, I now feel that my 2014 book is complete.

One of the last pages I make is what I call my yearly Time Capsule. I don't know if time capsule is the best term to use - it is actually a summary of the year's highlights - but it is the term I used in my first book in 2009, and I have stuck with it. Here is my time capsule for 2014:

Credits: 2015 Title Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Morning Story Kit by Digital Design Essentials;
Wired Alphabet by creashens; StraightLine Stitched White No. 3 by Anna Aspnes

My time capsule always has the same four categories, and I have some strategies to help me remember all the details.

Miller (my son).  Here I list any milestones, but now that he is getting older, mostly I list his current "obsessions." These are things like favorite toys or TV shows, or if he had certain clothing (or lack there of) that he wore almost every day. I generally scan through my photographs and scrapbook pages for the year to help jog my memory about these details.

Friends and Family.  Here I list important events from my immediate and extended family and close friends. I usually have to rely on memory for this, although scanning through photos helps too. If you blog, or if you and your family use social media a lot, I'm sure those would be great resources for finding these kind of events.

Headlines.  These are U.S. and World events that resonated with me. I can't possibly list everything important that happened in a year, but I try to remember the events that I found to be profound and interesting. I am horrible at remembering when things happened, so I refer to online resources. For 2014, I started with the Wikipedia 2014 entry, but it did not include some of the events that I remembered. I also used the Historical Events for Year 2014 from This list was much more complete, but took more time to read through.

Scrapbooking.  This is where I list some statistics about my scrapbooking - how many pages I made, what teams I was on. In the past I have also included things like how much money (yikes!) I spent on my digital supplies, and even how many photos were taken that year. This year I included details about my photography hobby as well.

What I like about the yearly summary list is that it gives me a very concise look at each year, and it goes beyond the everyday details. Every year has birthdays and holidays and vacations (the types of things I usually photograph and scrapbook). But there are those special, or even traumatic, events that happen once in a lifetime. I rarely scrap about current events, politics, and hot topics, so this is a chance to include those details in my book and see when and how they folded into my life. If you make a yearly summary page, and have some tips to share, please leave a comment below.

July 11, 2015

More Pages Done

I didn't scrap this week as much as I did last week, although I would have loved to scrap a lot more. I did finish two more pages in Matthew's Album, and now I only have three more days to scrap and I'll be done with his album. I can't wait to order it and have him look through it. I know he'll love it.

 All About the Frames Template 2 by Scrapping with Liz
Hey Boy by Bella Gypsy

Big Photo Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz
Star Quality by Down This Road Designs
Here's to getting more scrapping done this weekend, and hopefully sharing my pages next week.

July 10, 2015

2015: Week 26

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Week 26 was filled with all sorts of fun from Florida. We visited family, swam, ate, played games, read a lot, took naps, swam some more, and I even scrapped some! It was wonderful. It was probably the most relaxing time we've had in a very long time, and we didn't have to spend any money! Well, except gas to get there and groceries (but we ALWAYS are spending money on food). So, it really wasn't an extra expense. Can't get much better than that!

Take a closer look below if you want to.
My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life July Bundle by Juno Designs
Anybody ever eaten at Aunt Catfish's in Port Orange? We waited FOREVER, but it was totally worth it. We even saw dolphins swimming as we waited for a table. I'm always craving fresh seafood and its hard to come by in these WNC mountains.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

July 4, 2015

Scrapping on Vacation

There are lots of things to love about digital scrapbooking and one of them is being able to scrap on vacation. All I have to pack is my laptop and an external hard drive. We are in Florida this week visiting family, and I've had a little more downtime than normal. I even scrapped while riding in the van on the way down here. I've been able to work on Matthew's Album. I'm so close to getting it done! 

Simple and Sweet Album Templates IV by Scrapping with Liz
A Boy's Summer Revamped by Red Ivy Designs
I can't believe how much he's grown in a year.  I remember our last July 4th we were at Tiananmen Square just 2 days away from meeting him for the first time.

Simple and Sweet Album Templates IV by Scrapping with Liz
Wild Adventure Bundle by mle Card Designs
We visited the zoo....

Simple and Sweet Album Templates IV by Scrapping with Liz
Wild Adventure Bundle by mle Card Designs

Big Photo Block Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Pool Rules by Dream Big Designs
And our view from the pool.

All About the Frames Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Big Sister and Big Brother by mle Card Designs
And sweet moments in our hotel room.

Hoping I'm back next Saturday to share some more pages.


July 3, 2015

Week 25: Lake, Tubing and all the Summer Stuff!

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life by Juno Designs
This week is everything that Summer should be: Grilling out, lake time, tubing down the creek, the start of a Florida vacation to visit family.  It was perfect, and now we are just finishing up our week in Florida. Summer is my favorite season just because of all the fun stuff.

Take a closer look below of all of our summer activities. What are some of your favorite summer activities?

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life by Juno Designs
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