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Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, jk703, here to bring you a post today! Woo Hoo! It's getting nice out, and iNSD just passed! I hope you got a LOT of scrap goodies!!

I was scrapping before iNSD last week, and I thought of a small tidbit to share. It's a super small detail, but one that I think can really make a difference when creating your albums. I jump between single layout and double layouts, but I prefer double layouts for my printed bound albums. Just my preference. I was working on this layout, where I'm using Liz's Weekly Life 5 Templates  and the collab from Pink Reptile Designs and Just Jaimee - Oh Boy!

Obviously, you weren't there, so you don't know how many times I changed out the background until I chose this one! SO many times! lol! I just couldn't decide, and then I realized that sometimes, not always, it's because I like my pages to flow into each other - mainly when I look at the pattern. This is MY preference, and you do not need to scrap this way at all. This might be super useful if you plan on printing lay flat albums. It had just never dawned on me, in the last 6 years of scrapping, that I change and move the papers so the patterns match up nicely or at least don't fight with each other! lol!

Here is a close up of the middle of the page from above:

As you can see, the pattern lines up pretty well. To get that look I have to use the Edit > Transform to flip and turn until they match up nicely.

Here is another time when the pattern lined up after a bit of twisting and flipping. You can see that before, I had some of the orange flowing into the greens and blues. It looks nice, but since I notice it, I tried to flip and match the patterns a little. Here is what I ended up with:

Looking at that pattern, sometimes they do make for some odd combined shapes, but I didn't think it looked bad. It wasn't the backgrounds that I ended up choosing, but I liked it better when the colors flowed nicely.


Some papers line up pretty easily, while some others just don't line up at all. It really depends on the patterns and how it's set up on the paper. For me, ones that don't line up USUALLY become used on other parts of the double layout,  just not the BG. Not always, and remember you can scrap any way you like! 

An easy line up, literally - haha:

Here is a background that doesn't totally line up, but could still be used! It's just my preference to use something that works together. Again, this is my preference. 

Center close up, remember some never will line up and words are especially hard: 

This is just something to take a peek at when scrapping and printing albums. I wouldn't want you to print an album, and then notice you don't like how the background papers flow - match or don't match! No matter with all the little details of scrapping, and all the tips and tutorials, YOU have to like your creation!

Now, get scrapping with all those recent goodies you got!
Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

Jenn | jk703

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