Monday's Highlight: Silver Temple by Nini

Template 41 by Scrapping with Liz (available soon in the store)
Bring on the Weekend Elements by Pink Reptile Designs
Bring on the Weekend Papers by Pink Reptile Designs
This week's highlight is brought to you by Nini. Isn't this page gorgeous? She rotated the template to work for her pictures. I love how she worked that blended photo with the textured paper. The blues and greens go so beautifully together. The pops of red scattered around the page give it just the amount of extra color to help it pop. I love the title going up the side of the photos too and those are gorgeous photos.

Make sure to post your May SwL Pages in this photo album. I browse through it every Sunday night and pick one for a Monday Highlight. If yours gets picked then you win some $$$ to my store.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for highlighting my page on your blog. What a treat and it totally made my week!! Thank you!

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