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 I've gotten a few questions on how to use my cut out files on digital scrapbook pages. So, I'm here with a few inspirational layouts to give you some different ideas on how to use them.

Some of the quickest and easiest ways to use cut outs are by using styles or simply clipping papers to the cut outs and playing with the layer styles (shadows, strokes, etc...)

This first one here is by Ellen and she used the Celebrate cut out. You can get this look by clipping a piece of paper to the cut out and then using an inner shadow to get that cut out paper look.

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by Ellen

This page is by Donna. She clipped a piece of paper to the happy cut out and then filled the extra letters with another paper layer. I love that she contrasted the bright colors of the cut out with the black paper, and her extraction is fabulous!

by Donna

With this cut out, Trish, simply clipped a piece of paper to the cut out and gave it depth by giving it a deeper shadow.

by Trish

Tracy made this simple and stunning page by clipping a paper to the cut out and then adding an inner shadow, just like the first page.

by Tracy

This unique page was made by Ellen. She clipped the same paper to the cut out that she used for the background, and then give it an inner shadow. It makes it looks like it's cut out of the paper. I love it!

by Ellen

Another one by Ellen, this technique could be accomplished by either using a style or by adding a white stroke to the cut out.

by Ellen

Here's another one by Donna. She gave this cut out a vellum look. You can either use a style or lower the opacity and play around with the blends to get different looks.

by Donna

I hope that gives you a little inspiration on how to use cut outs! You can shop all of my cut outs right here.

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