My March Pages

It's the end of the month so it's time to show you what I've scrapped this month. Be warned....I've scrapped a lot (a lot for me anyway!) and I have a lot of pages to show you. If you don't remember my 2012 scrapping goal you can read more about it here.

I'll start with showing you the pages I scrapped this month from March 2011.
Submerged by Dream Big Designs
Template from Recyclables 9

Spunky Chick by Laura Banasiak
This is from a new template pack that will be released tomorrow!

Spunky Chick by Laura Banasiak
This is from a new template set too! You are going to love these. They will both be available tomorrow in my store.

Smile Sunshine by Laura Bansiak
This template isn't available in my store yet but it will be soon.

Smile Sunshine by Laura Bansiak
A Life Expressed Mega Alpha Stash by SuzyQ Scraps
I do believe this template is going to be handed out at tonight's MIS over at Scrap Orchard!

And now here's starting with current 2012 March pics.
Vroom by Chelle's Creation
Okay, guess what?!? I scrapped this page with no template. I haven't turned it into a template yet but I will soon!

Capture Life: March by Tracie Stroud
Candy Store Washi Tape & Sunshine in My Soul Washi Tape by Tracie Stroud
I also scrapped this page without a template!!!! I know, I'm doing things a little crazy, aren't I?
I will be turning this one into a template soon!

Snow Pals Bundle by Meredith Cardall
I used Double Album Templates II

Here is the double layout close up.

Making the Grade by Tracie Stroud
Using Fun with Envelopes Templates

Under Construction by SuzyQ Scraps and Laura Banasiak.
This was a template that had been given away as a freebie but it will be available in the store this week as a Recyclables set, just in case you missed it.

Under Construction by SuzyQ Scraps and Laura Banasiak.
This is the same template as above, I just rotated it.

Nature's Goodness by Faith True Originals
Using Double Album Templates III

Another close-up.

I even scrapped a page from Vegas! I would like to scrap a few more but at least I got one done.

Here are two recipe pages I made this month to add to my recipe book that I'll be printing at the end of the year.

My 8x8 Recipe Album Templates
Freshly Baked by Captivated Visions and SuzyQ Scraps
Numbers from Laugh the Rainbows Alphas {Chocolate} by SuzyQ Scraps

I did pretty good this month, didn't I?!? Let's see if I can keep this up for April. So far I'm right on track with completing my 2011 album by the end of this year and if I keep up with my 2012 pages I'll even be able to print that at the end of this year!

So how are you doing on your scrapping goals this year?


Lynnette said...

Great pages, Liz! My scrapping goal is to just scrap a lot and maybe organize my pics. Gonna try that chicken recipe for dinner tomorrow. Thanks.!

Christelle said...

Thanks for sharing, I love looking at your pages! I loved the first one with the aquarium pictures, very cute!

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