Combining Layers - Template Tutorial

I've had a few of you ask me how to place one photo on multiple photo layers on a template. So I thought it was about time for another video tutorial. I also posted some written instructions below and a few sample pages. I hope this will help you try something new with your digital scrapbook pages.

Combining Photo Layers

Here's the page by Lenka that I used in my video.
Label Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Today Makes Me Happy by Captivated Visions

Here's another page by Lenka. She combined some of the triangle layers together so she could easily clip one paper to make a pattern.

Santa's Little Helper Papers by Kristin Aagard Designs
Santa's Little Helper Elements by Kristin Aagard Designs
SO November Challenge Template by Scrapping with Liz
And here's a page by me. I combined three photo layers her. This photo worked perfectly in these three spots.

Using Fancy Templates
and Beauty from Within by Megan Turnidge


Dolores said...

Great tip...thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip- I've been frustrated when I tried doing this because it never crossed my mind to clear layer styles before merging. This will be a BIG help!

Nicole Jacobson said...

I've been wondering how to do this. Thanks.

mja said...

Great tip ... thank you!

grambie said...

Thanks for the clearing styles info. This is tthe first tutorial that it has been mentioned. I have been lucky so far sometime deleting the layer and then a redo. Thank you for that so needed extra confidence while eliminating unnecessary steps. Happy 30th to you and everyone on board. ;)

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