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There he is! My boy. Isn't he the cutest thing you ever saw? At least I think so. And look at those pictures of him looking at his family. I think I'm going to cry just writing this post. We sent Matthew a package back in December with a few goodies in it along with pictures of us. You can imagine my surprise when I went to open my email last week, and I saw an email from Zhou (our agency guide) with the subject: Package Received. Then a whole bunch of photos started downloading. Talk about being so incredibly happy but so incredibly sad all at the same time. We are coming, Matthew!

I was mistaken about when I could share photos. With Lydia, we weren't allowed to share them until we received our LOA (letter of approval), but with Matthew, things are a little different because he was not on the shared list but on the waiting list. All these different lists and acronyms...I have a hard time keeping it straight. Anyway, I confirmed with our agency, and apparently, I could have shared pictures way back when we received our pre-approval which was in August! And I've waited 5 long months to share pics. Oh well, I guess I'm getting good at this whole waiting thing.

Also! Our documents are in China. That means we are one HUGE step closer to bringing Matthew home. It's called DTC (documents to China). Now we wait for the all-important LOA. With Lydia, it took 110 days from LID (log in date - when the dossier actually gets logged in in China). I'm hoping and praying for under 30 days with Matthew. Since we only had to update our dossier, and we had pre-approval for him before our updated dossier was sent to China, and he was on the waiting list, and he's a bit older...and, and, and....I'm hoping all those reasons will make for a shorter LOA wait. We'll see. After the LOA there are a few more papers to be filled out and waited upon, but it will mean we are VERY close to traveling to bring this precious boy home.

Here are the other pages I've shown you where I blurred out his face. Now you can see that precious little face bright and clear.

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elegy said...

I teared up reading this post, Liz! The love that you and your family share is just beautiful - adoption is, in my opinion, one of the most selfless, courageous and generous things a human being can do. I hope you're able to bring this precious little boy home, and SOON! LOL!

Unknown said...

He is totally adorable, bright eyes, sweet smile!! The Lord is truly developing patience in you with all the waiting. I can't imagine! Can't wait to see the post when it is all done and he's here!!

Chippi -Christie- said...

Yep, tears here too!! He is the perfect addition to you family. You can just see that he loves you all so much already! I hope you don't have to wait too long to bring your little boy home!!!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you can share photos of your adorable boy now! How exciting for all of you!

Liz said...

Thank you all so much. Reading your comments is very encouraging!

LedaP said...


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