Week 33: Play, Food, Birthday, School, Sick

Daily Life Templates 9 by Scrapping with Liz
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Everyday Life August by Juno Designs
One thing I love about these Daily Life pictures is looking over my pictures at the end of every week. Even after a week of multiple frustrations (mainly dealing with doctors, cancelled appointments, and feeling like we are getting nowhere) I can see how, in the grand scheme of things, those things don't really matter. We'll eventually get everything figured out, but what matters is how we handle our day to day life. Seeing the pictures reminds me that my children are growing, learning, loving, serving, playing, and happy! So, even if you aren't doing this Daily Life Challenge go look at your pictures from this past week and find the joy in them.

You can read my journaling below. I was quite chatty this week. Maybe because I've been stuck at home the past few days with sick kids.

Journaling: This week started off with Church on Sunday morning, and after nap time we were off to the pool. Notice Matthew and Lydia in their swimsuits hanging on to Ashlyn? They were ready for her to go! On Monday night Ashlyn cooked us a delicious dinner. Cheese Ravioli with a creamy mushroom and spinach sauce. Yum! She’s getting quite good at this whole cooking thing. I might let her take it over!

I snapped this random photo of Kyla playing with her horses. She’s always playing with her horses, and they are strategically placed all over our house. On Thursday we went for a bike ride/run/picnic lunch with the cousins.

Journaling: On Wednesday we celebrated Lydia’s 4th birthday. She had her choice of breakfast (cereal!), and she opened gifts. There were a lot of homemade gifts from her sisters. It was so sweet!  For lunch we went to Asian King. Her favorite. They brought her a piece of cake with some fruit art around it and sang Happy Birthday to her. 

At the end of the week Lydia came down with a high fever and a headache. So she snuggled a lot with her new Olaf (that she got for her birthday). That’s how we spent most of the day on Friday and Saturday. The picture from the left was a random picture I took one day while the kids were doing school work. Lydia and Matthew take turns on the computer doing their alphabet work (basically so I can focus with the other girls!). They make a cute team.

Here's the free Daily Life Journal Card. I had some fun making washi tape for this card. Just clip some digital scrapbook paper to the different tape layers or use them as is. Totally customizable.



BlueCat said...

Thank you very much.

Dolores said...

Beautiful layouts! Thanks for the JC!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the cards. i always appreciate them. I love following the life of you and your sweet family. So sorry there is sickness. That is so hard. May God grant quick healing.

Tammy said...

Thank you so much, Liz! These journal cards are so fun!

Marlie said...

Thank you Liz!

sidbear said...

Thank you for the JC, Liz :)

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