Monthly Blog Challenge - July 2020

Welcome to the July 2020 MBC! 

As we continue navigating through the COVID pandemic, I hope you are all safe and healthy.  If you've got extra time on your hands, I've got another great template from Liz for you. 

Before we jump into this month's template, I want to announce our winner for the June MBC.  We had 36 gorgeous layouts in June and it was so hard to choose only one.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a layout - they were all lovely!  Our winner for the June 2020 MBC coupon is...Rhonda H.  Congratulations, Rhonda!  

Now for this month's template!  Historically, I struggle with templates with circular photo spots or specialized shapes as a design feature.  I'm good with the geometric shapes we typically learn in school, but shapes like heats and stars usually challenge me.  I'm thrilled to say that this particular template was super easy for me.  I LOVE all the stars and they fit so very well with my chosen photo that I had it scrapped in no time at all.  I truly hope you enjoy this template as much as I have!

Download Template

by Kimberley
credits:  MBC July 2020 Template with She Is Fierce by Mommyish and Girls Are Weird (font).  

If you'd like to play along with our July challenge, keep reading.  Everything you need to know is right here: 
  • Download the template: it's FREE!
  • Scrap it! Digi, hybrid, or paper - whatever works for you is great for us!  Feel free to modify the template; it needs to be recognizable to qualify
  • Upload your layout or an image of it to any image hosting site - again, you choose
  • Send a link of your image by July 31st to our blog challenge email:
  • Include the challenge month of your submission in the subject line.  This month, we'll use "July 2020 Challenge"
  • Each month one layout is chosen as the winner.  The prize is a $10 coupon to Scrapping with Liz.  

Happy Scrapping!

Stay Safe!


Monica said...

Thanks for the template!

GramZ said...

Thank you.

Claire Grantham said...

Great template, thanks and congrats Rhonda!

Shar said...

Thanks so much for the template and the challenge.

wvsandy said...

Thanks you!

Tisa Theresa Irene said...

Love Liz!!! THANKS

RJMJ said...

I Just Wanted To Stop By & Say Thank You! For Another Great Template This Month!...Hopefully I Will Have Time To Create A Page!...I Have The Perfect Idea For This Template!...But Mostly...I Wanted To Say Thank You! To SWL For Choosing My Layout As The Winner For June!...I Was Thrilled!...LOVE! SWL!!!! Templates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...And Thank You! For The Congrats! Claire!...

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Dady said...

Thank you for this template ♥️

123lilybugs said...

thanks so much! your designs are a joy.

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