December Daily "In Quotes" - Final Week

I'm done!!! I really loved doing this project but I'm happy I'm done. I'm really looking forward to printing if I can only figure out how I want to print it. Anybody have any suggestions?

So let me review with you the last few days leading up to Christmas in case you missed it on facebook.
Oh, & be sure to check out Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3 if you missed those.

Can you tell she could hardly wait for Christmas?

I should have recorded her singing this. It was adorable!

This is our Emmie. She didn't even hesitate when she said this. We sponsor two girls through World Vision. Each year the girls browse the World Vision Catalog to figure out what they want to "buy". Then they make up a chart & raise the money by doing odd jobs around the house during the month of December. Emmie wanted to give her "tooth fairy" money away.

She sounded so mature when she said this & it just got me to thinking.....

Truly! You should have seen the light in her eyes when she said this. It's like it clicked. She knew that He is the reason!

If you all did a December Daily Album I would love to see it. Just hook me up to your gallery or blog. I'll take a look later this week.

I won't have any releases this week. I've been taking a much-needed break from designing.

I'll be back next week with some new stuff for you all! 


Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing and yes, this'll be treasured for years to come! I'm definitely keeping this project idea in my to-do files!

Penelope said...

Second the wish for Ashlyn. Beautiful themes.

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