My August Pages

I scrapped a lot this month. I get in this really bad habit (or good habit, I suppose) that when I start scrapping I really don't want to do anything else.  I think that is what happened this month. In fact, instead of writing this blog post, I really wanted to scrap another page.  But, I'm being a good girl and showing you what I did this past month since it was one of my commitments at the beginning of this year. I stayed on track for my 2012 goals. It probably helps that I didn't take a lot of photos in August because that helped me catch up a little more.

Are you ready to see them all?
Here goes. I'm going to start with the pages I made with my August pictures from 2011.

Yin and Yang 12x12 Calendars by Scrapping with Liz and Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Made with Love by Designs by Kat

July Template Challenge Freebie - Will be in my store soon!
Miss Priss by Design by Megan Turnidge

Double Album Templates IV
Scrap Orchard Collab - no longer available
I finished up August 2011 and moved onto August 2012 pics.

August Blog Challenge Template
A Rockin' Kind of Love by Megan Turnidge
and Love Me Tender by Tracie Stroud

Yin and Yang 12x12 Calendars by Scrapping with Liz and Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Today Makes Me Happy by Captivated Visions
Wow! I did really bad at taking pictures this month. I only scrapped two pages and that pretty much sums up the pictures I took, BUT there's always a plus side. Since I didn't have that many photos to scrap, I was able to catch up on some of my older photos.

Here are some 2012 photos from past months that I hadn't had a chance to work on.
Using a FREE SwL template on the Scrap Orchard blog
& This is Me by Captivated Visions
August MIS Participant Templates-Available in my store soon!
Gymnastics Bundle by mle Card Designs and Chelle's Creations

Double Album Templates IV
Miss Priss by Megan Turnidge

Using an Old Mega Collab Template that I will be releasing soon.
Great Outdoors by WM Squared

Double Page Journaling Templates
Lemony Fresh Revisited by Tracie Stroud
Free Template on my Facebook Page
Miss Priss by Megan Turndige

Iron Scrapper 2012 Templates
Splash Zone & Submerged by Dream Big Designs
Celebrate Templates
Check it Out by Bella Gypsy Designs

iNSD 2012 Templates
Check it Out by Bella Gypsy Designs

Spark Templates
Got Nothing but Love by Tracie Stroud and Jady Day Studio

I even scrapped a November 2011 page to get a little ahead of my goal.
Using a Scrap Orchard Collab that you can get for free if you spend $15 during SO's Summer Rewind Sale.
The sale starts tomorrow.

Is the moral of the story here to take fewer pictures so you can catch up on your scrapping goals? Hmmm, probably not, even though it worked for me just this one month! I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures in September as I'm traveling all the way around the world to pick up my daughter. I can't wait to show you those pages!


My July Pages

Are you ready to see my July pages? I actually did pretty well this month. I finished my 2011 July pages and scrapped a few 2012 July pages and even caught up on some of my May and June 2012 pictures that I hadn't scrapped yet.

I'll start with my July 2011 pages. I actually didn't have a lot to scrap from July 2011, since I had already scrapped quite a few last year. I just did a recap page. These were the only pics I had left to scrap.
Left Side
Right Side
Blocks, Blocks, Blocks Templates
Everyone Has a Story by Captivated Visions
Here are my current July 2012 pages. I still have a few more July 2012 pictures to scrap but I think I'm doing pretty good. 
Tile Templates
American Pride by SuzyQ Scraps and Amanda Heimann
Envelope Journaling Templates
Delightful by Designs by Megan Turnidge
Left Side
Right Side
Celebrate Double Templates
My Chances by Amanda Heimann
Freebie Template on my Facebook Page
Delightful by Designs by Megan Turndige
The Basics Plastics by Kimbroedelet
(I used the style to make the title)
And then here are some catch-up pages from May and June 2012.
Multi Photo Fun Template
Land of Learning by SuzyQ Scraps 
Multi Photo Fun Templates
Foliferous by Captivated Visions
Multi Photo Fun Templates
A Fresh Start - SO Mega Collab

Multi Photo Fun Templates
Music in Your Heart  and  Rhythm of My Life by Suzy Q Scraps

That's it for now. I hope you're plugging along with your 2012 scrap goals. I haven't kept up 100% but I'm still moving forward.


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