Photoshop Quick Tip - Who Knew?

A few months ago I was doing a live crop over at Scrap Orchard. I was digital scrapbooking, people were watching and chatting, it was a lot of fun. As I was dragging my elements and paper into Photoshop (I use CS3) someone mentioned Load Files into Stack. I was like, What's That? They said it was a script written into Photoshop to load in your files all onto one document instead of just having them floating all over your page. I had to give it a try. 

I was blown away. How come I never knew about this before? I've been using Photoshop for over 5 years! So, if you use Photoshop and didn't know about it (like me) here's a little tutorial to show you how to use it.

Just a note: Photoshop Elements works differently as you have a Photo Bin at the bottom of your screen where all of your elements and papers would go.

Go to File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack

A screen will pop up and you'll hit browse. You'll find your way to the digital scrapbook elements or papers that you want to use and select them. Hold down Ctrl while you select and you'll be able to select as many as you want. Then click on open.

You can see on the screen above all of the elements I have selected. (I'm selecting from Dream Big Designs Discover Space Kit). Then you'll hit OK.

Once you hit OK Photoshop will take over and load all of those files on to one document. You can see all of them to the left. The most amazing thing about this script is that it loads all your files with their names on the Layer Palette! The way I was doing it before it would rename the elements and just name them Layer 1, Layer 2, etc... Having named layers is so helpful when you are digital scrapbooking because you can easily identify different layers in case you want to move them, add layer styles, delete them, etc...

From this point, you can just drag and drop your elements right on to the page you are working on. So easy.

Maybe I was living in the dark ages and you all already know about this awesome tip but just in case you didn't.....



Heide said...

Great tip

Karen and Kyle said...

I remember that conversation. Thanks for sharing...I didn't know what they were talking about either. :)

Sindiego said...

Great tutorial. I have pinned you to my "start" screen. Hope it didn't hurt too much! Many thanks.

Liz said...

:) Thanks for pinning!

Berniek said...

I need to try this! Never heard or seen this before but it could be very practical. Especially if you already know what items you want to use. Seems like this would be ideal for alphas as well! I hate loading all these individual alpha files into my page.

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