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I've been doing pretty good about setting aside Saturday night (after the kids are in bed) to scrap. I try to avoid my email and internet. This week I didn't do so good on the no internet rule, but I had fun chatting with some DSF (my hubbies new name for my digital scrapbooking friends). I stayed up way too late finishing this page, but I did get it done and I LOVE it. I managed to remember to take my camera with me (most places) this week and took some pictures out and about. Even though we homeschool we don't necessarily spend all of our time at home. We do, occasionally, get out of the house. ;)

Read the journaling below (if you so desire), and then go grab this week's journal card template freebie.

Journaling Left Page:
Let’s see if I can recap this week in one short paragraph. Lydia had her first ever gymnastics class. Adorable! She and I are doing a Mommy and Me Class. It’s great to have 45 minutes just with her. Her sisters get to watch on the sidelines. They were supposed to do some school work and then eat their lunch....not sure that much school work got done as they wanted to watch Lydia’s every move. She was just too cute not to watch. I don’t blame them. Then we had gym day at the rec center with our co-op group. Lots of kids = lots of fun!   Just for the record, I snapped a picture of what our living room typically looks like while we are doing “schoolwork”. You can imagine with a 3-year-old how it can quickly get messy. I got a break from the mess and Shawn and I got to go out on a date Saturday night. All I had was my phone, and all I got was this picture of Shawn conversing with his piece of bread...at least that’s what the picture looks like. Actually, I’m pretty sure he was just telling me to hurry up and take a picture!

Journaling Right Page:
I usually read a story to Lydia right before bedtime, but she wanted to read to me. She has several books memorized. She’s a smarty. We recently acquired a Matryoshka doll. It is THE most popular toy in our house. All, except the oldest (I think maybe she’s too cool), love to play with it. I’ve had to put it away several times due to fights over it. Then this last picture was taken at game night at church. Look at all of those “grown-up” kids...surely two of them can’t be mine.

As you can see I didn't include this journal card on my page...although with all of that journaling I probably could have fit it on there somewhere. Just click on the image to download the freebie.

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Journal templates now available here.

How are you all doing on your weekly/daily/monthly challenges?


Ponytails said...

I have a three year old too, and my living room looks just like yours!
I've been enjoying your weekly pages so much that I was inspired to start my own project. I grabbed your big weekly project bundle and have been scrapping away with them. I've been attracted to the idea of the weekly "project life" style of storytelling, but wasn't interested in doing it the usual way. Your templates are the perfect fit for me! Thanks for the freebie too!

Pam K said...

I love your simple layouts ... great inspiration. Thanks also for the freebie!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely journal cards

Jennifer Moore said...

Thank you.

Marie H. said...

Thank you for another nice template and training. My favorite photo and journaling was about your hubby's bread. -Marie

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