February 12, 2014

Guides: A Video Tutorial & FREEBIE

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how I print my pages. I talked a little bit about guides and why you might want to use them, and then I linked you up to Jenn's post here. I thought it might be helpful to walk you through it with a short video tutorial, and then I thought it might be even more helpful to give you some templates that already have guides build into them. Elements users cannot set their own guides, but they can use pre-made templates with guides. So, if you are an elements (or even a full version photoshop user and you just don't want to set up your own guides) user just grab the freebie below. Make sure you grab your page or your template and place it on the guided template (there's a little tip on how to do this in the video) so that you can see the guides on your page. You'll want to keep everything important inside the blue lines (like Jenn mentioned in her post). It'll keep everything safe and secure from being chopped off in the printing process.

I'm using guides now on all of my Daily Life pages because I do intend to make a lay flat book with it so I'll want to be extra careful about my edges.

Here are the free template guides. Just click the image to download. Make sure to drag or duplicate the template you are using onto these templates so that you can see the blue guides.

Hope this helps keep your pages safe for printing.


Henriett said...

Thank you so much for the useful information and guided template.

Unknown said...

I'm confused. I have PSE11, and I've created guides. Is it multiple guides that I'm limited in? I've never tried multiple ones.

Liz said...

Hey Courtney,
I think maybe the older versions of Elements won't let you make least that's what I've heard.

Sue said...

Thanks so much! PSE 11 lets me make guides, but this will be so much handier to have them made already. (PSE 6 didn't let me make guides at all.)

Kari said...

these are so helpful! Thank you! How do you determine the guides for say an 8.5x11 something, like a flier?

craftychic said...

Thank you for this great information, Liz!

Liz said...

Kari - I think you would keep everything important within 1/2 an inch of the edge.

Pam K said...

Thank you, Liz! I'm just starting & all these tips & tricks really help!

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