Advent Journal Cards: Finished Product

You may or may not remember the Advent countdown that I made with these journal cards. I finally set aside some time to put them all together. It really only took me a few minutes. It was just a matter of doing it. I thought I would show you the finished product.

I gathered some different ricrac, punched a hole in the corner of each card, and then threaded them through with a safety pin.

Then I tied them together.

I also wrote the date on the very first journal card just so I could remember what year this was from. Because I know that even though I think I'll remember the year these were from...I most likely won't.

Now we can easily flip through them all and they'll stay together.

This is what the back of them look like. Each day during the month of December each of the girls wrote what they were thankful for. I know we are going to love pulling this off the shelf each Christmas and reading through it.


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