Daily Life Week 11 (Thanks to Daddy!)

Daily Life Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
Thanks to my hubby I had enough photos for my page this week. He finally gave in and bought a smart phone. I think he's having too much fun taking photos with it, and for some reason I just didn't take that many photos with my DSLR this week. It all worked out for me.

Photo Tip: Ask others in your family if you can use photos they have taken during the week. In my case I was able to use a couple of photos I wouldn't have been able to take myself.

Scrapping Tip: Try out a new designer! I saw Createwings Everyday Snippets #3 in the market and I knew I wanted to use it for my Daily Life page. I've never scrapped with her kits. It was a lot of fun! I can't wait to use the kit some more.

Journaling: This week we had Homeschool P.E. Day on Tuesday. We all wore our Macon G.E.M.S. shirts to represent. On Wednesday Daddy took Ashlyn out to lunch (she turned in her Valentine’s coupon). She picked Asian King. Thankfully Daddy snapped a photo for me with his phone. On Saturday we went on a family bike ride on the Greenway. It was too beautiful outside not to. Then the picture on the bottom right was taken one night at home after Ashlyn and Emmie had done their little sisters’ hair.

Journaling: These are just random pictures that I snapped throughout our week. This is really what our daily life looks like. We are always doing school work (usually with at least a couple kids in PJ’s) at a table filled with puzzles, crayons, and horses. And there always seems to be a cup of coffee for Mommy somewhere!

And here's your Daily Life Journal Card 11. All the rest are still available! Make sure you go back through my Daily Life posts to grab them all.

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Have a great weekend! See you Monday for a sneak peek and giveaway!


Ponytails said...

My husband now just automatically texts me any cute pictures that he takes with his phone... he got tired of me bugging him to send them to me! Hahaha Thanks for another sweet journal card freebie!

Tammy said...

LOL! I need to break down & buy a smart phone! :) ...or get hubby on track to send me the photos from his ;) Thank you for another great journal card.

dinee said...

Did he set his phone up so that his photos automatically share from photo stream to your drop box or your shared photo stream?

Unknown said...

Beautiful layout. I like the stitched border with the week number and thank you for the freebie

Liz said...

You're welcome!

Our phones let us map a drive directly from our phones to our computer. So I just link up to his phone and download his photos. Easy peasy! I'll have to look at the drop box thing to see if it's easier!

Pam K said...

Beautiful layout ... & thanks for the journal card template!

Unknown said...

I use Drop box for this! Both DH and my phone photos auto upload to a photo. It takes NO work from me after installing the app, and since my dropbox folder is backed up by Backblaze, all my phone photos are backed up.

Also, a tip if you have extended family near: I have a shared Dropbox folder with my mom and one with my mom in law. Either of us can upload to it. My mom will routinely add photos she took on her phone of my family to the shared folder for me to use.

Unknown said...

Okay, one more thing! LOL.

My texts are automatically backed up to my email: this includes photos (there's an app for that! I use SMS Backup+}.

Whenever someone sends me a picture, I can retrieve it from my gmail, I don't have to upload it to my dropbox, or go through the effort of "sharing" it to my computer.

Dannethia said...

Thanks Liz for the great freebie :)

Marie H. said...

I like the use of coupons for favors, dates, even chores. I used them with my boys and husband. Thank you for another template and more of your family. -Marie

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