2015: Week 3

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This week I did a poor job at pulling out my camera, I think because we were just go, go, go this week. I did snap a few with my phone. On Saturday I went around the house and snapped a few pictures to fill in the gaps....books we are reading and other things that are filling up my time. I thought maybe I should do that more often. Just take pictures of things around the house. 

Here are my pages up close.

You can see I wrote a little 'mommy moment' section, a little bit more about what fills up my personal time (besides scrapbooking, of course!). I think that maybe one day my kids might enjoy seeing what their momma did during her 'free time'. 

Okay, back to scrapping!


sleoner said...

Liz, you read my mind. Yesterday I was staring at my office desk and thought, "Why don't I take a picture of my favorite pens and then scrap about why I love collecting stationary?" Taking pictures of special events are great, but how else will others get to know your true personality if you don't scrap the everyday stuff, right?
Thanks for the encouragement :)

Liz said...

That's so true! I take a lot of photos of events and even just my kids doing stuff...but not a whole lot of just day-to-day regular stuff. I'm going to try harder. Maybe I'll make it a goal to take include 1 picture a week of just things around the house that show what I do.

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