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You might have seen this article floating around social media: Print your Photos or Risk Losing Them to the Digital Dark Age.

I 100% agree. If you are a digital scrapbooker you need to print those pages. You could have those photos or pages saved in multiple places, but you also need them printed out.  Technology changes so fast. Software changes. You can almost guarantee that it won't stay the same. Those digital images may not be readable with newer software down the road.

I believe that you shouldn't just print to preserve your photos, but also so your family can have something tangible to look through. It has benefited my kids greatly to have scrapbooks and photos to look through. Plus it's fun to show family members different albums. Be honest, is it more fun to sit around and look at a computer screen or to sit together on the couch flipping through the pages of an album?

That's all. Just a friendly reminder to print those pages...or photos if you haven't scrapped them.

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