Tutorial: Gradient Backgrounds

Hi Everyone! Jenn, aka jk703, here to show a fun way to work with patterns and background papers! I've been a gradient machine recently and have gotten a bunch of questions on how I achieve that look. So, I'm here to share! For the tutorial Examples, I've used Chelle's Creations Doctor's Orders Kit, and Liz's March Monthly Review Templates.

Here is what my layout looks like below. See the white layer that blends into the blue? That is what I will share how to do!

Here are my layers - and for this example, I've turned off my original gradient layer (Layer 1) and the white paper that was clipped to it. I've also created a new layer above the blue layers. 

Here is what the layout looks like if when the gradient layer is off. See... I felt like I needed to have more oomph for my background. 

I've chosen to use the Gradient Tool... It looks like a little box that fades toward the right side.

For the Gradient Layer - I have chosen the one closest to the bottom. There are LOADS of them in there, you can click on the super small arrow on the top box, and you can load more. I've left the Opacity at 100% and the other selections in the default state.

Next, you will have your newly created layer chosen in your Layers Palette. Then Click on where you want it to be the darkest, and then drag your cursor to where you want the blend to reach out to. Here is what mine looks like: 

Here is what my Layers Palette looks like - the one Gradient Layer is Layer 4. 

Next, I've brought in a white paper and clipped it to the Gradient Layer. Seems too light, but definitely the effect I'm looking for. How do you make it darker?

Easy! Just choose your Gradient Layer again from the Layers Palette, make sure you have the same Gradient Tool settings, and click and drag the cursor again. Keep repeating until you have the darkness that you would like. Here are a few more clicks on my Gradient Layer.

Here is what my Gradient Layer looks like now. A bit darker on the one side.

Just clip your paper and you're done! That's it! Super easy, right! 

This is a super-easy way to change up the background! I'd love to see what you create! Thanks for stopping by and visiting Liz's blog today! I'll see you soon! 



Jenny said...

Jenn, the gradient makes all the difference! Thanks for sharing the instructions and images of your layers. I always have to think hard when I want to use one. I have in my mind what I want it to look like, but then I get confused when I'm trying to actually make it work. Ha. :)

Liz said...

I love Jenn's pages with gradient pages. I want to try this on a page soon.

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