2017 Week 2 is in the books!

My Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
January 2017 BYOC Products available at The Lilypad
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
I'm loving how these templates are helping me fill up the page and use lots of photos from the week, and using the BYOC products from TLP is a lot of fun and gives me a lot to choose from. I did decide to use Counting the Weeks Volume 1 for my weekly title each week. I was tired of picking out different fonts, papers or alphas. Seriously, it's what took the longest on my pages. So, I'm going  just going to place those stamps on each of my pages and cut down some of the time it takes to make these pages. I want to free up a bit of time to scrap some of the other albums I want to get finished.

This week we started back to co-op, had a major doc appointment for Abi (everything looks really good!), were still snowed in for a day, played outside with shorts on (yes, we went from being snowed in to wearing shorts in the span of 5 days), among lots of other in between things. It was a good week.

I ended up putting those read-aloud pictures I had to take for the MOC challenge on my weekly page...so glad I took them.

How are you doing going into your 3rd week of 2017?

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