Week 10: There's a lot going on...

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When I look at this busy page it really conveys what are week was like. There was so much going on. I had to squeeze in little bits of journaling, add a photo spot and include 3 QR codes!

There was homeschool gymnastics day. It's always a blast. Kyla and Emmie both won a t-shirt for crossing the tight rope. I've been trying to include a weekly art lesson in with our regular homeschool activities.  This week we did some chalk portraits.

Here's the journaling from photo #1 and #2 above:

1. Daddy with the girls who stayed behind while the rest of us went to Chapel Hill for Doc appointments.
2. Sweet sisters wait for me as I check out at Wal-mart.

Abi was sick early in the week. She woke up with this weird ear infection where her face was swelling up, but she had no fever and no fussiness. You wouldn't even had known she was sick if her ears weren't draining and her face wasn't red and puffy! When I went to get her medicine I found a $2 puppy pillow. I just had to get it for her. Thankfully she's all back to normal now.

There's a picture there of us eating our lunch out side of Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC. We had multiple appointments and packed a lunch. Then we did school in the hotel room. When we got home we all played a new game together called Quixx. It's a fun dice game that our whole family can play, minus the 2 youngest kids.  We've already played it a half dozen times.

Oh and the picture at the top right is a boy trip to Lowe's. I think Daddy enjoys having more boys to take with him to the construction store.

And just for fun here are my QR code videos if you would like to see them:

Here's Matthew teaching Abi how to talk. This is amazing on so many levels. Matthew has only been hearing for 2 years. He has to work on hearing and talking every day. For him to be teaching his little sister is just amazing.

Abi spontaneously said I Love You to me this week for the first time. We caught a video of her shortly after saying it. Then Isaac had to get in the fun and start telling us something.

I downloaded this new app called Boomerang and my kids had a lot of fun playing around with it. Here's a compilation of some of their videos.

Well then, I think I was a little chatty this week. I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more of my week. 


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