Week 11: A little more normal....

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Duly Noted by One Little Bird Designs
After our busy week last week this week was a little more laid back and normal. We kept to a normal school schedule, co-op, music lessons, art class, gymnastics, etc... We even got a date night!

Photo #1 - Matthew is doing Yoga with me. His form is a lot better than mine. Lately he is obsessed with his muscles...I wonder if it will get worse the older he gets. #boys?
Photo #2 - My hubby and I enjoying a date night. I got this amazing Salmon dish...it melted in my mouth. He got his fave, a Cuban.
Photo 3# - My daughter practicing for debate. It's happening this week and she's so nervous. She'll do great though!

And what about those 2 at the top right. Too cute for words. They are a year apart but it's like having twins. They like to do whatever the other one is doing...or they like to boss each other around and tell each other what to do...or they like to be mischievous together.

Each week the 3 middles have art class. They learned some face painting techniques his week. Matthew's mustache cracked us up. I think Kyla did pretty good.

The picture at the bottom was at the docs office. It was just a routine visit, but I ended up having take all the kids with me. We took over the waiting room. It became our school room for an hour.

Here's little scrapping tip. I need that entire space at the bottom for my photo, but I still wanted to use the little journal card that I made with the template. I turned the opacity down on the paper layer and gave it a vellum look so you could still see the entire photo, and I could still add some journaling on top.

That's it for this week!

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